A slightly different view on Web Style/Design: Other Stuff and CRAP

Now that we’re pretty much wrapped up with reading/discussing Krug and Redish (and I know you are all diligently making use of that advice to build your text to hypertext sites and to work on your zen flowerpots), I thought I’d share a few links to other places where you can find advice on web design and also about the simple design mantra of “C.R.A.P.”  After the “Continued.”

I’m sure this isn’t surprising to you, but there are a BOATLOAD of other resources out there on what counts as “good web style,” far FAR too many to even begin to adequately include here.  Just do a search and you’ll see what I mean; I will mention these three because they’re really useful and/or kind of cool:

  • The Web Style Guide by Patrick Lynch and Sarah Horton. I used to teach this in this class, and it’s a really solid and thorough book that is also available entirely online. If someone was working at a big organization and asked my advice to recommend a “how to” guide for making a large and complex web site, I’d suggest this.
  • Web Pages That Suck (a pretty good argument can be made that you can learn a lot about web design by looking at bad web sites– take a look at the list for 2012.)
  • Smashing Magazine and A List Apart (two of the better-known web design/web writing web-based periodicals)

Honestly, there are thousands of these kinds of sites.  So don’t just stop at the stuff I’ve assigned to get good design advice!

But there are some commonly-held views on design.  One of the most common and “universal” is the concept of “C.R.A.P.,” or “contrast, repeitition, alignment, and proximity.”  Here are a couple of sites to look at about this:  “Design Better with CRAP” and “How C.R.A.P. is your design?” Redish doesn’t talk about these things directly, but it’s clear that she does talk about it, right?

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